This new battery can be recharged 200 thousand time without lost of capacity!

With the advancement of technology, it’s amazing to see new discoveries happened in our everyday lives. However, what is important is how does the new discoveries and technology is able to impact us in day to day life and enhancing our live in this world while maintaining a sustainable planet. Recently, a PhD student from University of Carlifornia, Irvine Mya Le Thai and her team has invented a new battery technology that has long lasting battery cycle that has high efficiency and low capacity lost during recharge cycle.

In the video above, Mya Le Thai and her team uses the nanowires as main conductor for the batteries. This new technology (PMMA) has shown to remain efficient with more than hundred thousand cycle while convetional battery usually last around 5000 to 7000 cycles only.

While we celebrate such excellent achievement from a young scientist, we hope that this technology will be remained as a theory but implemented in real life that could impact everyone.

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