Water resistant on Google Pixel? It’s mediocre

With people more likely to take their smartphone on bath or underwater, IP water and dust resistant grading has become important criteria for some when selecting their ideal smartphone. Samsung (and Apple) and other flagship manufacturer has added water resistant feature which usually comes with IP67 (iPhone 7) or IP68 (Galaxy Note 7) grading certification, the new Google Pixel will only features IP53 water and dust resistant as stated by Android Police.

Before we proceed, let’s have a look on the difference of IP grading on water and dust resistant

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL has a IP53 rating, which means that it is just fallen under the first category of water and dust resistant. It means that the smartphone is only resistant towards dripping water, not to mention splashes or soaking under water.

Would this mediocre IP grading of the Pixel and Pixel XL affect the choice of your next smartphone?


Source: PCOnline