World first LEICA-certified 12MP camera smartphone – Huawei P9 & P9 Plus launched!

The China leader in smartphone development and manufacturing – Huawei has launched the latest flagship P9 and P9 Plus in London UK today. The P9 and P9 Plus comes with a camera that is co-engineered with the leader in photography and camera – Leica that enhances photography in camera to the next level.


The Huawei P9 and P9 Plus has a full metallic body and a similar design on the Huwei P8. Along with the ceramic white 5-layer coating process, the smartphone also show a ceramic-like texture that appear gloss and crystal like.



The Huawei P9 also comes with 5.2 inches Full HD display with a pixel density at 423 ppi. The screen also has a maximum brightness up to 500 nits along with 20 backlight LED.



The bezel is also now getting thinner and thinner only at 1.7mm!





Besides, the P9 also comes with a 3000mAh battery while the P9 Plus comes with a 3400mAh battery.



The main highlight of the Huawei smartphone is the LEICA co-engineered camera. It comes with Leica certified SUMMARIT H 1:2.2/27 ASPH lens. Huawei also stated that the camera also comes with its unique trend to produce shots that lives up to Leica quality standard.



The camera is also powered by the Sony IMX286 sensor with a pixel size at 1.25μm and picture quality at 12 megapixels.

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In terms of the light sensor, there are one sensor primarily used for detection of red, green and blue lights while the other detects black and white colour.





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In terms of specification, the P9 sports their latest Kirin 955 processor clocked at 2.5Ghz. It also comes with 3GB and 4GB of RAM with storage space varied at 32GB and 64GB. It also supports up to 128GB microSD storage expansion.

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The P9 Plus comes with stereo speakers for superb sound quality while the P9 features the standard mono speakers.



8MP front camera with auto-focus!



As one of the flagship smartphone, the P9 Plus also comes with a infrared blaster which can act as a universal remote while the P9 does not comes with this feature.

The P9 Plus comes with a larger display at 5.5 inches while the P9 features a 5.2 inches Full HD display. The P9 Plus is also surprisingly thinner than the latter at 6.95mm with a battery capacity at 3400mAh.


Huawei also added the new fingerprint sensor on the rear panel of the P series flagship.



The Huawei P9 comes with 6 color in total which are ceramic white, gold, rose gold, grey, silver and amber gold.



The Huawei P9 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM starts from euro $599 (~RM2679) while the 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM priced at euro $649 (~RM2899).



The Huawei P9 Plus only comes with a single variant – a 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM and will be available on 20th May onwards.