YouTube to bring 20 secs non-skippable ads from next week

YouTube has become one of the most popular video sharing site online since its launch on mid 2000. It now holds over petabytes of data on its server including certain movies, gaming video clips, music, dramas and more. With the introduction of 5 seconds unskippable ads on videos that profits business partner and YouTube content creator, there are still ads which can be skipped after a certain period of time and making binge watching YouTube videos better. However, YouTube will be rolling out unskippable ads on most YouTube videos which can last up to 15 to 20 seconds, means a minute wasted in watching just 3 videos!

This unskippable ads policy will be rolled out regions to regions and the mandatory ads watching in Malaysia is still yet unknown. YouTube announce that the longer ads watched can generate more revenue for YouTube content creators and uploader has the right to choose how they display their ads.






All onboard the ad block train!