“Aero” will be the new flagship line of HTC? Camera upgrade and more!

HTC, one of the well known smartphone manufacturer is in business trouble this year as their HTC One M9 does not receive as much attention and the sales does not meet the expectation, and there was some rumour stating that HTC might be bought by third party companies out there. However, HTC denies these claims and still making smartphone! Previously there are some rumors stating that the HTC will ditch the “M” series flagship line and instead making a new flagship line named as “Aero” ?

The new HTC Aero will uses 5.2 inches 2K display and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 along with 2.5D curved glass. The camera will be another significant improvement from the One M9 which could comes with aperture size at f/1.9 and even support RAW photography.

There isn’t much leaked photos and information about the HTC Aero. However, it was known that the HTC Aero will feature metallic curved frame along with 2.5D glass and a white antenna on the left of the device. Hopefully more pictures will be revealed soon!

Source : Qooah