After SIRIM certified, Xiaomi 5X is now entering Malaysian market!

Years ago Xiaomi smartphones are usually first available in China region and followed by other Asian and US market on the few months after. While it used to be a disappointment for our Malaysian Mi fans, it seems like Xiaomi has been pushing their smartphone towards international level by pushing their smartphone aggressively into international level.

The Xiaomi 5X is one of the new premium smartphone that features a dual rear camera and it will be revealed on China soon. Good news is, it is also seen that the 5X availability has just “announced” for India market and Malaysian market. This smartphone is also officially SIRIM certified and expected to launch locally very soon.

As for now, it is known that the Mi 5X from China is officially priced at RMB1499 (~RM959), what would be the official retail price at Malaysian market?


Xiao Mi