Another Google black magic – Project Soli


There has been alot of ‘weird’ and new stuff happening in Google research and developement laboratories. This time, Google introduced a new kind of magic, which allows you to control your smartwatch without touching the screen, nor voice. It is just plain magic…

Seems magic right? Everything behind this dark magic has a piece of amazing equipment behind. The radar built into it has a sensor which is capable of detect and capture moments of finger issuing command, which then can be interpreted to perform certain action, such as adjustment of volume, select option etc.. Imagine when it was implemented into your smartphone or smartwatch… How amazing it could be..

Dont be too happy yet. It is unsure when does this technology will  be fully matured and utilized in common gadgets. Nevertheless, this video has shown the significant research stage of this device which we may expect it to become reality in next few years!