Apple iOS 8.3 Beta: What’s new

The iOS 8.3 Beta has finally came to iPhone and iPad and now available to upgrade for those who are interested. This time, Apple has rolled out 2 major changes in the user experience. Here are the list of it

1. Disable password prompt when download apps
The conventional way of download free and paid apps in App Store always requires authentication of Apple ID. Although this does improves security in long term, many users deems it to be annoying when download free apps. Now, iOS user is now able to disable password input prompt by changing setting under password option in ITunes & App Store settings.


2. Siri improvements.
After the implementation of ‘Ok Google’ command that brings out Google Now in default android launcher, Apple has now bring in this feature in the latest iOS update. By simply commanding “Hey Siri” will launch the iOS voice assistant Siri that can command the phone or to launch search function.
Besides, there is also quick call function that allows user to call someone on speaker without pressing any buttons. By commanding “Hey Siri,call XXX on the speaker”, Siri will automatically connect to another user and communicate through speakers. This feature can provide ease of access for hands-free calling when driving.