Beware!: Smartphone fraud @ Plaza Lowyat!

Few days earlier, one of our readers was inquiring selling price for Lenovo S860 at one of the mobile shop (The One Cellular) in Plaza Lowyat, Malaysia. He was offered a price at RM 1190 and after a long hour of negotiation, the final price was then discounted to RM 1180. However when he receives the invoice, he soon realized that the phone actually cost at RM799 without extra accessories. Besides, the Lenovo S860 is only priced at RM599.

Unfortunately, he was unable to reject the goods due to the shop policy. Hence, we remind all our readers to be aware of these frauds around any supermarket and stores when making purchases.

Small Tip: Research the price before purchase by asking friends/ searching online


Update:  After he complained towards Lowyat authorities, the shop owner and the buyer has finally comes to an agreement for refund at RM180 and settle the case down. The seller also adjusted some of the price of their accessories products. Nevertheless, the victim was compensated with a multimedia speaker as an apology from Lowyat management.