Blackberry collaborates with Google Services to increase security in Android!


Moments ago, we’ve heard that Blackberry is planning to produce a Android powered Blackberry smartphone. However, the involvement of Blackberry in Android smartphone market was just not that simple. Turns out, Blackberry has a bigger plan behind with its collaborative effort with Google!

Blackberry, the well-known smartphone manufacturer targeted towards businessman and entrepreneur around the world, is now collaborating with Google services to make the Android a much more secure mobile operating system. Blackberry decides to port its highly valued BES12 security system into Android Lollipop system, which makes operating system much more secure and less vulnerable against malicious attack and software. They also planning to launch Google Play for Work which also another security level enhancement that targeted to business user.

However, what are the true motives behind those companies? Why is Blackberry collaborating with Google and what are the true end products from both companies? We might have to wait for few years to see the product of a successful collaboration between 2 tech giants.

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