Facebook to remove “Other” folder in message section!

When it comes to priorities, Facebook always put friends message in categorized in the main categories whereas other non-friend message was placed into the ‘Others’ folder. The ultimate purpose of the ‘Others’ folder is to receive message from other Facebook users silently without notifications.

With the rise of standalone Facebook Messenger application that comes with much enhanced feature compared to the desktop website version, many users has going into Facebook Messenger for mobile instead of relying on web notifications. Although the ‘Others’ message folder was intend to receive messages from unknown (which may or may not includes spam), some important messages from unknown user is ignored. It is also limited where it can only be read from the Facebook desktop version.



David Marcus, one of the developer of Facebook Messenger has decided to add in a new ‘Message Request’ feature to remind the user of unread messages from other Facebook users. Facebook users can choose to ignore or accept the message that they send and continue to communicate in the conversation. The sender is also will be unaware that you have read the message.

以后的Message最上方就会出现Message Request选项







This new update allows important updates from unknown/non-friend message to be received in the Messenger application. Was it a good option to do so?