HUAWEI Y6p can now get 2 months Viu premium, expires 31th Dec!

There are several streaming website that has deployed paywall where you will need to subscribe for its service to be able to watch the entire drama. However, if you own the HUAWEI Y6p or planning to own one, you can get 2 months free Viu premium membership so you can endlessly enjoy your drama during the MCO period. This promotion ends 31th Dec so claim fast!

To claim yours, follow below:

Step 1: Download Member Center

Step 2: Claim your Viu Premium in the Home page.

Step 3: Get 60 days Viu Premium membership

That’s it, you can claim your 2 months membership as long as you claim before 31th December. If you are planning to own one, you can get the HUAWEI Y6p on HUAWEI retail store or HUAWEI online store. It currently retails at RM559 and you can learn more here.