Let’s explore 7 exciting MEETime feature on the HUAWEI P40 series with the best in photography & connectivity during MCO

The most advanced HUAWEI smartphone with the best connectivity and best photography has announced in Malaysia last few weeks! It delivers the best in performance driven by the Kirin 990 5G SoC along with best quad camera certified by LEICA which got its throne in DxOMark.

Being the greatest highlight of the HUAWEI P40 series, its camera is powered by a powerful RYYB sensor with 16-in-1 Pixel fusion technology that combines multiple pixel to create a highly detailed and colour accurate picture. It also brings PD autofocus which is able to focus an object in extremely short amount of time.

Furthermore, it also has Golden Snap feature which uses AI to filter out passerby and unwanted reflected so you can capture distraction free images. Learn more about the cameras on the HUAWEI P40 series here.

The HUAWEI P40 is just on sale and it’s the best time to grab it along with free gifts!

One of the main feature of the HUAWEI P40 with the EMUI 10.1 is the addition of MEETime. MEETime is one of the feature of the EMUI 10.1 which provides Full HD 1080p resolution and seamless video call between HUAWEI device. You can know connect with your friends with HUAWEI smartphone at no charge and enjoy high quality video calls even if you are facing weak WiFi or cellular reception.

Sitting through highways or going to rural areas? HUAWEI MEETime has it all sorted out and works with all network condition!

Screen sharing

HUAWEI MEETime also adds two-way Screen Sharing function which you can share your piece of information on the screen so that your counterpart can see it too! Instead of hogging the entire screen, share your screen with assignments and projects and discuss ideas together instead of sending a copy and waiting for reply.

With the ability to share screen, project manager and designers can share their display to report their project updates while receiving input from the partner and colleagues in real time. Recruiters can even this this free tool to meet potential candidates to perform an interview in real time without the need to commute. There are so much more potential to this for those who want to connect but separated apart.

3rd party device support

The MEETime is built with lot more potential in mind. Instead being stuck with one camera, you can pair with supported third party device to perform MEETime video call or video conferencing for work. The market for third-party devices that supports MEETime is expanding as we speak. Some example of MEETime-supported cameras are Kandao Meeting 360° and Drift Ghost series action camera.

The Kandao Meeting 360° is an all-in-one video conferencing camera which can be used with HUAWEI MEETime video call feature. You can pair this camera for high quality video transmission.

There is also Drift Ghost series action camera which also supports HUAWEI MEETime too! You can strap the action camera to your helmet and connect your HUAWEI smartphone with Ghost 4K to livestream your adventures through HUAWEI MEETime video call feature.

Kandao Meeting 360° is a 360° All in One conferencing camera

Drift Ghost X action camera that can be paired with HUAWEI MEETime


Poor network? No problem

When you are driving in rural area and swarming through highway pace, your network reception might not be as stable as it used to be. In poor network quality situation, HUAWEI MEETime can ensure high resolution and smooth calling experience with super resolution technology to compensate loss of video quality & to adapt rapid changes of bandwidth.

Last year, HUAWEI has launched Link Turbo which combines Wi-Fi and LTE connection to achieve faster connection speeds. The Link Turbo will autonomically analyzes users’ usage behaviour and network condition to optimize connections. Internet will be dyamically switched between WiFi and 4G depends which one is faster to increase download speed.

This technology is also applied with HUAWEI MEETime that switches between WiFi or mobile data based on the quality and bandwidth of the connection without manual controls from the user.


Low light performance

As an industrial leader for smartphone imaging, there will be no issue on low light environment as it will be handled like a charm in HUAWEI MEETime. It uses facial recognition technology and background optimization to adjust brightness automatically and highlights facial features. All these technology was put behind to make sure you’re visible during video call.



The MEETime is built to be operated as simple as it is. It doesn’t require download as long as your HUAWEI smartphone is running on EMUI 10.1. All you need to do is to sign in with HUAWEI ID and select a contact with MEETime compatible device and tap the video call button.

Privacy is here

All videos and audio on MEETime is secured by end-to-end encryption. You can have a peace of mind of malicious snooping on your data during calls.

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The HUAWEI P40 and P40 Pro currently retails in Malaysia at RM2,799 and RM3,899 respectively. You can grab it through HUAWEI Online Official Store at