Meerkat – Livestream available via Facebook

Meerkat, a social livestream application that another the broadcaster to share the video and live event taken from the camera has gone viral in the past few months on Twitter. However, Twitter has been shutting down doors for Meerkat for its broadcasting application via Twitter due to privacy concerns regarding the broadcaster. Soon after, Twitter then made an agreement with Periscope which is another application that broadcasts video lively from Twitter user. The agreement between Periscope and Twitter then popularizes the Periscope app which increases the competitiveness onto Meerkat

However, Meerkat has not end their plan even after discontinuation of support from Twitter. Meerkat then marches it towards Facebook that serves the same purpose as before, to broadcast live event and videos from Meerkat users. In the latest Meerkat update, users can now log into Meerkat using Facebook application while posting Meerkat status live from Facebook. Users can also discover their friends using Meerkat with the contacts in the phone.

The decision of platform changing from Meerkat is undeniably another way of surviving the competitiveness between different application develops. Linking with Facebook is likely to increase large amount of Meerkat users that makes the application even more viral than before. Started on iOS, Meerkat now planning to further its development on Android users to increase the popularity of the application in order to defeat its competitor.