Samsung announces #EraofLIVE Tiktok challenge in Malaysia

Attention to all TikTok performers! Starting from 17th April to 15th May, Samsung will be launching #EraofLIVE Tiktok challenge which you could perform along with Nabila Razali, Haqiem Rusli and Ismail Izzani!

To participate, follow the steps below.

1. Before recording with TikTok, add “Milikmu” into your video

2. Start dancing and record video

3. Post it with hastag #EraofLIVE

4. Status to be shown in public

5. Share it to social medias!

Besides, Samsung #EraofLIVE and local celebrities will be joining in campus nationwide. If you have upload your TikTok video, you will be receiving special prizes! You will also receive BlackPink merch if you purchase Samsung Galaxy A10/20/30/50 too!

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