Samsung offer trade up of selected device for the Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge!

Looking to ditch your old smartphone and get the new Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge? Samsung now cooperates with Brightstar Distribution for a new trade-up offer! If you old smartphone fall belongs the list below, just visit any Samsung Experience Store and enjoy your next purchase of Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge with rebate up to RM1000!

Phone model Rebate amount
iPhone 4 RM 100
iPhone 4s RM 200
iPhone 5 RM 400
iPhone 5C RM 250
iPhone 5S RM 650
HTC One M7 RM150
HTC One M8 RM 500
HTC One Max RM 220
Samsung Galaxy S2 RM 95
Samsung Galaxy S3 RM 200
Samsung Galaxy S4 RM 300
Samsung Galaxy S5 RM 600
Samsung Galaxy Note RM 115
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 RM 200
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 RM 400
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 RM 1000
Sony Xperia Z1 RM 200
Sony Xperia Z2 RM 500
Sony Xperia Z3 RM 750

As seen on above, the highest rebate is available for a trade up with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with price reduction up to RM1000. Terms and conditions must be abided for each trade up with a fully functional working smartphone where no damage or malfunction key must be presented.

However, we do felt that the trade in offer does not seems attractive. This is because the high performance flagship – Galaxy Note 4 was just released recently is only worth up to RM1000 when trade in for a new S6, while you can sell it to your friend or someone with much higher price tag.

For more information, please visit Samsung official Facebook page.