The new Macbook Pro comes with Force Touch technology, priced at RM7399 onwards

Apple computer were always known by its fluid operating system and specification which is built into a tiny form factor size laptop. This time, Apple upgraded the Apple Macbook Pro 2015 with their latest patented – Force Touch technology. Besides this unique upgrade, Apple Inc also comes with other upgrade in storage drive reading speed as well as increased battery life.

In terms of storage drive, Apple Macbook Pro 2015 comes with a 2GB/s SSD that significant boost the read/write speed of data 2.5x faster compared to conventional drive. It is also packed with AMD Radeon R9 M370x with performance boost up to 80% compared to the predecessor. The AMD Radeon R9 mobile graphics card is also more capable of rendering complex images during media production and architecture design. The new Macbook Pro is now priced at RM7399.

However, the new iMac is more cheaper than before. Apple has rolled out an 27 inches iMac that features an amazing 5k display! The entry level iMac was priced at US$ 1399 (RM7218) while it is being priced at RM7499 after inclusive of the GST charges.

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Source: businesswire