Visit Huawei P9 Roadshow at Sunway Pyramid, Lowyat and Sunway Carnival tomorrow to win free Mate 8!

If you are interested in the latest Huawei P9 smartphone but still haven’t manage to get it on your hand, you can do so from tomorrow in these 3 location listed below as Huawei is organizing roadshow for the P9 with prizes like Mate 8 to be given away on the spot.

huawei-p9-the-first-7-things-you-need-to-knowHuawei P9 Roadshow location:

1st stop: 22nd to 26th June – Sunway Pyramid, Central Avenue at LG2

2nd stop: 27th  June to 3rd July – Plaza LowYat Concourse, KL

3rd stop: 14th to 17th July – Sunway Carnival Concourse, Penang


Besides, each product purchase on roadshow will be rewarded with free gift and you can even stand a chance to win Huawei Mate 8 worth RM2399 and Harmon Kardon earphones!

Visit the roadshow in these period to learn more about the Huawei P9!