What is iLike?

The term “iLike” could be unfamiliar to some of us. However, if you have been keep on following on our updates and review, you will found that iLike has come to Malaysia and rolling out some of their smartphone accessories. If you still wondering what is iLike, here are the FAQ for you!

1. What is iLike?

As the name suggest, iLike is a company to focus on products growth and development which benefits wide variety of user. Aimed to enhancing our lifestyle with creativity and convenience, iLike always comes with the brightest idea and their products always features creative and stylish design. Those product ranged from accessories to wearables, which could be an essential part of maintaining a creative living lifestyle.


2. How long as iLike on the market?

iLike has enter the world during 2006 and started with many invidual which specializes in different aspect such as design, testing, production and marketing. It has been 9 years that iLike has first started and now iLike is brand that has emerged on market around the world such as Malaysia, Singapore, Philiphines, Vietnam and Thailand.


3. What is the relationship between iLike and Oppo?

iLike is the authorized product manufacturer of Oppo in China. On this April 2015, Oppo and iLike has organized the ‘Turn over tour” at Time Square for its anniversary celebration at Malaysia.



5. How many iLike products out there?

There are 5 accessories market on Malaysia which is manufactured under iLike. Those includes Speed Metal Bluetooth headset, MIX Bluetooth earphone, VOOC Car charger, VOOC Powerbank and Emoji Powerbank. All of the products are compatible with other smartphone and gadget manufacturers all around the world.


5. Quality?

All of the iLike products are produced with ethics and superior quality. It also comes with excellent after sale services as there are more than 500 authorised Oppo retailer that covers the warranty of iLike products. You can check out our review on the iLike products such as the VOOC car charger, powerbank and headset!


You can also check out more information of iLike on their official Facebook Page