MediaTek PumpExpress gives your 75% for 30 minutes charge

The competition between smartphone chip manufacturer has now gone even more intense. As Qualcomm has released their QuickCharge technology that is able to juiced up Qualcomm powered device in a short period of time. As this technology is proprietary with Qualcomm enabled device, MediaTek powered smartphone still uses the conventional charging technology which makes it less competitive.

This time, MediaTek has announced their breakthrough in new discovery in charging technology. The PumpExpress and PumpExpress Plus serves the same function as Qualcomm Quickcharge 2.0 technology which provides higher charging rate via higher voltage output. The MediaTek PumpExpress provides 3 different modes of output, which are 5V 1.67A(8.35W), 7V 1.67A(11.69W)and 9V 1.67A(15.03W). The new MediaTek processor such as MT6595 and MT6732 will support this fast charging technology.

The first mobile device to support this MediaTek PumpExpress Plus is the Kobee Halo 3 smartphone. The Halo 3 can be charged 75% in just 30 minutes. Five minutes of charging time also provides 2 hours of call time which extremely useful. Meanwhile, the charging adapter of this smartphone has a significant resemblance of the Oppo’s VOOC charger.

Source: Qooah &