Who is the next HONOR ambassador? New phone might have full view display!

HONOR’s new release poster on official facebook page yesterday has caught attention of readers, and now there are rumors that HONOR 8C will be launched in Malaysia soon! Now HONOR releases a new poster, guess who is the new ambassador!

Those who are following HONOR Malaysia must be familiar with Zizan Razak and SonaOne. They are HONOR ambassadors, and SonaOne has released a theme song named ‘Honor is Mine’ before.

HONOR Malaysia will disclose a new HONOR ambassador this year. Still, there is no any news yet. If you are curious about it, please stay tuned to HONOR!

Furthermore, HONOR just released a new poster which indicates a new phone with FullView Display will be launched! If you observe carefully, you will notice that there is a ‘C’ at the background! Besides FullView Display, it is came with a 4000mAh battery.


For more information, stay tuned to HONOR Malaysia official website and official facebook page!