Android Things is the new Google effort for IoT

Bridging connections to your household appliances, Google has now launched a new Android based operating system that targets connected devices located all around your home. It could be a door lock, security cameras, connected speaker and even router. The OS, named Android Things aims to ease your control to all gadget and appliances by interconnecting through smartphones.


In fact, Android Things isn’t a new concept but it is a revamped version of the Brillo, an Android-based OS design for smartphone devices and Internet of Things last year. However, Brillo has been gone silent for months due to poor support and development.

The Android Things is able to work with Android dev tools and hence make an easier job for developers to get things done. Apart from Android support, the Android Things device is expected to be comptabile with iOS devices through Weave that Google launched with Brillo in the year of 2015.

Android Things is one of the effort that Google is pushing our lives towards the internet of things and we could expect more potential and possibilities when appliances get connected in the near future.

Source : TheVerge