Apple is now calling back their faulty USB Type-C charging cable for the new Macbook

Does anyone recall the latest and yet thinnest 12′ Macbook Air that launched last year? Apple has recently announced that they are recalling some of their 2012 Macbook charging cable that features USB Type C connection. If you happened to be one of the fellow 2012 Macbook Air user, you might want to check out this information below.

Apple has stated that the Macbook Air USB Type C connectors that are manufactured before June 2015 have a serious flaw in the design which results in failure in charging or charging discontinuously. Thus, Apple is now recalling the Macbook Air USB Type C charger and cable with a new replacement.


If your Macbook USB Type C charging cable has no serial number (as seen on Top), its is recommended to get it replaced on the nearest authorized Apple service center for a replacement. The new charging cable comes with a unique serial number which identifies the newer generation of charging cable.

This services is currently free and expires before June 8th 2018.

Source: Techbang