Google releases Nearby Share that offers wireless transmission for Android 6.0 and above.

Google has recently introduced another way to share your data with your friends. Similarly like Apple’s AirDrop, Google has launched the Nearby Share feature that offers in several Pixel and Samsung devices. It could be pushed to other brand in next few months.

Nearby Share is applicable only for Android 6.0 device and above. Depending on scenario, Nearby Share utilizes Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), P2P over WiFi and WebRTC for instant transfer of file. You are no longer required to be connected to internet for transmission to work.

This smartphone will also be pushed to Chromebook to offer better integration between Android device and ChromeBook. However, no details of this software to be ported over to Windows ecosystem.

The privacy settings can be adjusted over several parameter including its visibility. Currently, this feature is available in certain Pixel smartphone and Samsung devices. It will be slowly pushed to other Android brand and you only have to own one of the Android smartphone few years back with Android 6 and it’s good to go.