HTC to makes 2 Nexus phones for Google this year

According to @evleaks, the next Nexus maker is now handled to HTC which is responsible for the design and manufacturing of the new Nexus smartphone this year. It is also stated that there will be 2 Nexus smartphone to be launched this year, all being designed by HTC.


The new Nexus smartphones are known as M1 and S1 with display size at 5.5 inches and 5.0 inches respectively. It is going to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB RAM in both smartphones.



Besides, both smartphones are to be preloaded with the new Android N that compatible with the alleged new 3D Touch and enhancement of VR experience.



One thing worth mentioning is HTC has signed a 3 year contracts with Google where the next 3 generation Nexus smartphone will be fully manufactured by and under the name of HTC. Hopefully it is going to be great!

Source : cnbeta