Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s photos rated 100 from DxOMark

Since the launch of iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the performance and the features it offered is deemed as the representation of the innovation and technological advancement brought by their respective company. Moving to its camera, both smartphone was given a general score at 84 from DxOMark which does seems pretty high. But on the other side, the Galaxy Note 8 mobile was awarded with a score at 100 from DxOMark mobile, which tops all smartphones in the industry to date.

三星Note8获评拍照专项100分 DxO回应:并非上限

While the score of 100 might seems a bottleneck, DxO has expressed that the score of 100 is not the highest score that a smartphone can be awarded, and expressed “There is nothing magical about the score of 100, and no reason that other acmeras can’t go past it.” Thus, they could be other smartphones capable of reaching 101 and above when the criteria was made.

三星Note8获评拍照专项100分 DxO回应:并非上限

Source : 驱动之家