Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Quick hands-on experience

It was been almost a week that the latest Samsung flagship was released on Malaysia. When the S6 Edge was first announced on the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked live event, we were astonished by the unique triple screen design of the phone. This unique design has shown that Samsung has  been making effort in renovating their conventional design on the Galaxy series. With the motto ‘Beauty Outside , Business Inside’, the Samsung is undoubtedly focused on the development of exterior as well as their interior when a new flagship was released. Does the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge obey this motto? Let’s find out!


The dual curved side display is one of the most unique feature and selling point of the Galaxy S6 Edge. This unique display design has created an illusion of floating display when enjoying videos. Beside, the curved display also makes the S6 Edge appears bezel-less when viewed from the top. However, prolonged watching with high brightness may cause eye constrain due to the reflection on the side display. This can be adjusted by reducing the brightness less than 20%.


What does the curved edge display do?

The curved edge can be used to display time and date information when gently swiped along the screen. It also can activates the live news feed as well as social updates. This saves you from turning on the display and checking the notification and social IM time to time. You also can receive live updates based on your preference, such as displaying soccer matches scores without you staying in front of TV while receiving the latest update on the match.

You can sort out your favourite contact in the left side of the display with different colours. When the favourite contact is trying to contact you while you were enjoying a video or performing other task, the side panel display the colour of your favourite contact and thus make it easier to recognize. You may reject their calls by simply pressing on the fingerprint sensor on the back. Once the call is rejected, the device will automatically send an automated message to the caller to informed that you’re unable to receive call and will get in touch later.

Build material and Quality

Apart from the amazement of front the design, we also noted that it does attract lots of fingerprints. However, Samsung has replaced the conventional polycarbonate build material and replaced it with aluminium alloy. The Samsung display also used 2.5D glass which makes it even more attractive.

The front and the rear body was covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 with aluminium alloy. The glass finish makes the S6 Edge highly vulnerable to fingerprint traces. The most severe fingerprint trace was found in gold edition while the black and white version appears fine. However, the fingerprint can be easily removed by swiping it away with clothes and other soft fabric.


The S6 edge has a relatively moderate size display with tiny bezels makes single handed operation possible. It is easy to operate with small hand and the glass finish also improves the sensation and premium feeling of the smartphone.

Some of us felt that the dual curved display makes it difficult to hold tight in hand without swiping in the display. However, this could be easily solved with the use of mobile phone stand which reduce the dependencies on using hand to perform precise operation.


Samsunng Galaxy S6 Edge had been making some improvement in terms of the camera. The front camera now shoots better when compared to the the Galaxy S5 which make it more suited in this selfie era.

Apart from using higher megapixel front camera, the beautification mode in the camera app also has been enhanced.

Double tapping the home screen button allow instant launch of the camera application. This quick launch feature can make the camera easily accessible and takes photo in any instant moment.

Image beautification

S6 Edge Vintage camera effect 


S6 Edge in low light shooting environment



The Samsung Galaxy S6 has impressed many of its fan and consumer in terms of the display and the design. The curved display has started to went viral as many has discussed its feasibility. It is undoubtedly one of the smartphone that comes with unique design that hasn’t been implemented on any on the phone from other manufacturer in this moments.